Frosty - Request[latitude]&long=[longitude]&key=[SonicWeather key]

Request Parameters

latitude - required
The latitude of the location for frost probability
longitude - required
The longitude of the location for forst probability
key - required
Your SonicWeather secret key. Your secret key must be kept secret. Do not embed it in JavaScript source code that you transmit to clients.

Sample Request

    [sonic] => Array
            [key] => abcdefghijklmnop

    [loc] => Array
            [lat] => 39.08
            [long] => -106.84

    [weather] => Array
            [min] => 24.55
            [wspd] => 3.24
            [dp] => 21.75
            [rh] => 80

    [probFrost] => 82.8
    [probFreeze] => 90

Response Format

key - Your secret key
lat - The latitude of the requested location
long - The longitude of the requested location
weather - An array of weather data. Data includes minimum temperature, wind speed, dew point temperature, and relative humidity
validTime - The timestamp for the frost/freeze probability
probFrost - The probability of frost. This is based on temperature and moisture. Hence, you can have below freezing temperatures, but dry conditions, and not have a frost. Likewise, temperatures can be slightly above freezing, but the dew point low enough to allow a frost.
probFreeze - The probability of a freeze. This is based on the surface temperature remaining below freezing for several hours.