Frosty API

Detect frost before it happens

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Hay Cutting API

Determine the best week for cutting hay

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Is It Raining API

Get the precip type for your exact lat/long

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NexRad Finder API

Find the closest NexRad by lat/long

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NexRad Status API

Determine the status of any NexRad

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Local Obs API

Complete local obs for your exact lat/long

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Model Weather API

GFS hourly and daily weather forecasts

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Sunset API

Optimum sunsets for photography

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Cloud Cover API

Cloud cover value for your exact lat/long

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Lightning Detection API

Find out if lightning is nearby

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Rainbow API

Determine the probability of a rainbow

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Global Temperature API

Get the latest global temperature

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So what's this all about?

SonicWeather is a subsidiary of, which has been in operation since 1998. specializes in long range forecasts and providing industry with vital weather information. The APIs that power will now be available through SonicWeather!

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